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International Studies Institute Gallery


Over the past few years, it has been my pleasure to design event posters and other graphics for the International Studies Institute at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The first poster created was for the 2013 international conference titled "Cultures in Exile: Conversations on Language and the Arts", and it features a wonderful painting titled Wings by artist Hung Liu.

This and the posters below typically feature photographs provided by the featured speaker, and, in some cases, my own photographs or designs.

They are listed chronologically, and clicking will open a large version.

Fall 2013/Spring 2014  LibeskindDaniel Libeskind Lecture, November 7, 2013 Smyrna Agosin-May-6 Agosin_May-7
Spring 2014  Kisses Lela Round-table Ian-Stewart
Fall 2014 Special Lecture Scotland      
Fall 2014 Lecture Series Fall_2014 Lubin-Henkel Chen
  Jupille Moore-Stewart Randall-Burk Kravets-Bradfute
Spring 2015 Brenner 2015-02-27  Lim poster 2015-03-13  Sukkah City Poster 2015-03-25  Perez-Gomez poster 2015-03-30 
  Plokhy poster 2015-04-01  Brymora-Zimowski poster 2015-04-17     
Fall 2015 Penlar Lecture Tsakonas lecture Sharabeem kectures  
Fall 2015 Lecture Series Fall 2015 Lecture Series Jupille Lecture Barnett Lecture Tintor Lecture
  Lorenz Lecture Henkel Lecture Randall Lecture Calotychos lecture
  Bird Lecture Nakhleh Lecture Martin Lecture Williams Lecture
Spring 2016  Teter Lecture  Teter Colloquium  Ciddi ISIS  Ciddi Women 
Fall 2016 Lecture Series Main Lecture Series Poster  Margaret Randall Lecture  Mui Ho Lecture  Mark Childs Lecture 
  Renia Ehrenfeucht Lecture  Dolores Hayden Lecture  Dolores Hayden Poetry Reading  Edward Casey Lecture 
  Roxane Caftanzoglou Lecture Alberto Perez-Gomez Lecture Eleni Bastea Lecture Beverly Singer Lecture
  Jeff Malpas Lecture  Nezar Alsayyad Lecture  Amina Tawasil Lecture   
Fall 2016 Special Lectures Joseph Jupille Lecture Jonathan Israel Lecture Jonathan Israel Colloquium  
Spring 2017 Firestone Lecture Firestone Colloquium Hahlen Lecture Camp Presentation
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