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I hold degrees from Harvard and the University of California, Berkeley in architecture.  After many years of using photography in my architecture work, I realized that my primary interest was not in designing buildings, but in discovering how I could use photography to represent the spirit of place, time, and memory.

This is both challenging and rewarding,  and I try to share my approach through courses for architecture students that help them use photography to explore the nature of built space.

Nothing delights me more than to discover and capture the visual stories hidden in the world around me. Through photography, I try to understand those stories and tell them to others.

In particular, I focus on places that move me, trying to capture not only the physical qualities, such as depth, color and texture, but also the more elusive, intangible qualities that make the place special. I try to bring those elusive qualities to my images, hoping the viewer will also experience the power of the place.

Whether you call it power, sense, or spirit of place, I hope that my pieces will open a window onto a secret world filled with stories and places to explore.

Exactly how you interpret my images isn’t so important. I simply ask that you enter the “space” of the image and discover something for yourself.

My work has been exhibited in galleries in Berkeley and Albuquerque as well as at the Universities of New Mexico and Notre Dame. Pieces are also in private collections in the United States, New Zealand, Greece and Turkey.
My photos appear in architectural books and journals, as well as in self-produced monographs addressing specific topics or technique.  

Prints are available through a several channels
- The largest collection of images can be found here.    

- A curated selection can be found here with options to purchase a range of products, including prints and home decor items that feature my images.

 - Books can be found here.

 - My Etsy shop is gearing up and will feature greeting cards, signed non-editioned, and signed limited edition prints with certificates of authenticity.

  - I also participate in arts and crafts fairs where I offer small prints, greeting cards, and a range of jewelry items, all featuring my images.  I enjoy discussing photography with fair-goers, so I hope to see you at one of them.

An image of the photographer at The Peak in Hong Kong.

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