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I came to writing for children after many years working in the field of architecture. While I still dash off the occasional design or teach an architecture studio, I have been drawn toward learning the writer’s craft. As those of you who write will understand, the learning curve is more like a wavy line, and perseverance is the best approach.

My publications include writing, illustrations, and puzzles in Spider, Highlights and Children’s Digest magazines. In addition, my photographs have appeared in publications related to architecture and the visual arts.

My primary area of interest is in middle-grade novels geared toward the avid reader. Although I try to be serious, my best work is always funny. Bug Eyes and the Sacred Scrolls is a good example. I had a lot of fun writing it (and a lot less fun rewriting it.) You can see my book cover illustration to the right. Click on it for more images or to read more about the book and its characters. You can even read the first chapter. And, of course, you can now buy a paperback or Kindle version of Bug Eyes and the Sacred Scrolls.

If you have wandered here because you are interested in writing for children, in general, I suggest that you visit the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) web site. There you can learn more about its activities and the craft of writing.

If you're here wondering if there is connection between my writing and my photography, you might enjoy reading this.

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Bug Eyes and the Sacred Scrolls Available in paperback and Kindle formats.

Visit the new Bug Eyes and The Sacred Scrolls web page to learn more.

Bug Eyes Cover
Bug Eyes and the Sacred Scrolls, Cover

Something Good to Eat (Cover)

Cover design for Something Good to Eat


Asteria! - Stergios and the North Wind

Illustration for Stergios and the North Wind

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